How to compare health insurance?

December 10, 2020

How to compare health insurance ?

Why is Health Insurance important?
Illnesses and injuries have become common

Illnesses and injuries have become a very common occurrence in today's age. Whether it is youngsters, middle-aged adults or senior citizens, no one is immune from falling sick. Ailments like diabetes, hypertension & heart-related complications have become more and more frequent among the Indian population. The incidence of cancer too has become very high. In the face of such rising illnesses, having a Health Insurance plan is advisable. You can maintain your savings if you have a Health Insurance plan.

Medical inflation is on the rise
Against the increasing incidence of illnesses, medical inflation is also increasing tremendously. Though medical science has developed and made treatments very advanced, their costs are very high. Basic hospital room rent, treatment costs, surgeries, medicines, and drugs have all become a financial burden. It is impossible for a middle-class man to afford such huge expenses. Frequent illnesses and the high expenses spell doom for him. Since a Health Insurance plan takes care of all these expenses, it is a boon.
Health Insurance Plans for : 


These plans are indemnity based health plans which pay the actual medical costs incurred upon hospitalization. Individual health plans are issued for one individual and cover him/her. Medical costs incurred by the covered individual are paid by the plan.

Family Floater
In a Family Floater plan as many as 6 to 8 members can be covered under one policy. There is one sum insured which is shared jointly and independently by each member covered and the total premium is cheaper than separate individual plans. Members who can be covered under floater plans include self, spouse, dependent children till 25 years and dependent parents.


As the name suggests, senior citizen Health Insurance plans are meant to cover individuals aged 60 years and above. Since senior citizens are more prone to ailments, these plans are designed keeping in mind their healthcare requirements. The sum insured levels are limited and premiums are affordable.
How to compare Health Insurance ?

Comparing Health Insurance is easy. You should just check the following features -
Coverage v/s Premium
Don't consider either the coverage or the premium rate. Consider both together. A plan with more coverage features would be priced higher than a plan with lower features. 
Annual Health Checkup
Lookout for Policies that facilities Annual Health check-ups for all Adult members as part of their health Insurance Plan. This keeps you updated on your Health conditions as the check-up is complimentary.
Pre-existing illnesses
Pre-existing illnesses have a waiting period. They are not covered in the initial few years of the plan. This waiting period ranges from 1-4 years. You should look for a plan which has the lowest waiting period.
List of network hospitals
A health plan provides cashless claim settlement if you get admitted to a networked hospital. You should, therefore, check the list of network hospitals in your locality and it's as per your likings.
Zero Co-Pay
Co-pay is your share of deductible claim amount that you would need to share as part of your policy terms. An ideal Health Policy should be with Zero Co-Pay so that you are paying only for petty expenses that are not covered in Health Plans.
Room Rent Capping
Certain Health Insurance Plans have a capping on Hospital Room Rent amount or restrict it to a percentage of Sum assure. Look at Plans where there is no capping on Room Rent or at least a single Private A/C Room is allowed.
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